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Are there any guarantees on Ranbuild buildings?

All Ranbuild buildings are designed in accordance with the Standards Association of Australia building codes and come with up to 15 years BlueScope Steel warranty on framing and cladding.

Why choose a Ranbuild shed?

With over 70 years experience and as a foundation member of the steel shed industry you can be assured that all our designs are of the highest standard. The use of only quality materials and rigorous testing will ensure your shed not only looks good but will withstand the toughest conditions.

Destruction testing confirms our engineer’s calculations and sets the safety margins for components and buildings alike.

Every test is carefully recorded. Angles, braces, cleats and members are all subject to the same pressure. The results are then analysed and final recommendations are given.

This series of base plates have just completed tests for up-lift and horizontal deflection. As you can see, they weren’t destroyed; even after applying three times the design load the plates never budged.

The Ranbuild infinite test bed allows us to apply loads to structural members representing both live and dead loads. Ranbuild test all new sections and designs in a similar manner. The tests and resulting data are usually far more accurate and more comprehensive than information supplied by the original manufacturer. These are just a sample of tests Ranbuild carry out to ensure quality.

What is  humm90 6 months Interest Free*?

Cyclad Buildings have teamed up with humm90 to offer you 6 months Interest Free* on all shed quotes.

Do I need approval to construct a ranbuild building?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Ranbuild buildings are designed to meet the relevant building codes and full engineering documentation will be provided. On receipt of a deposit and signed order, these documents will be prepared for issue. Ranbuild’s design and engineering is constantly cross checked with the current building code requirements. You can be assured that Ranbuild buildings will meet the demands of local building authorities.

What if I need to obtain council approval before I build?

You can still place your order with a nominal deposit of 10% of the purchase price allowing us to:

  • release the Engineering Plans and Specifications for you to submit to Council for approval
  • provisionally place your building into our production schedule.

How do I pay a deposit?

After your tax invoice has been raised you can pay by cash, cheque, direct deposit, EFTPOS or major credit card. Please note – an applicable credit cards surcharge will apply.

What happens after I sign a contract?

  • Obtaining your engineering plans. Once we receive a signed contract with all the colours and a deposit (between $500 – $1000) we will organise the engineering with Form 55 & 35a and it usually takes around 24-48 hours. Then Our engineer will specifically sign off on your building plans to suit your property.
  • A Site Plan may be need to be drafted up showing the location of the Shed on your property. This needs to be done via an accredited designer. We have happy to organise the site plan. Cost from $400.00
  • The DA (development application) if needed, and the BA (building application) to be submitted through a licensed private certifier, surveyor or Council Certifier for sheds larger then 36m2. You can undertake these approval processes or with our assistance (at a small fee). The approval process will also require additional steps such as: plumbing and drainage etc. These steps should be discussed with your certifier to obtain what would be required for your local council and or state regulators.
  • Once your approval is granted, the manufacture of your shed can commence, your 50% manufacture payment would be due and the process started. We will also organise the site works/ concrete slab(if contracted).
  • 14 days prior to delivery of your shed your delivery payment would be due, and once paid, we will deliver your new shed to your site and organise the installation (if contracted).
  • At this point you should have received all documentation from your dealer, relating to the construction of your Shed.(for kit only contracts).